Where should I park when I come to the market?

With approximately 600 free parking spaces surrounding the market, it’s easy to find a place to park within easy walking distance. Parking can be accessed by the front or back entrances. For more information, go to our home page and click on Mapquest for directions.

Is the market open in the winter?

Our market is open year round

Where do the eggs, fruits, vegetables, meats and cheese you sell come from?

Our produce is provided by local farmers from South-East New Brunswick . Buying locally means you are getting the freshest and most nutritious food grown with the safest agricultural methods available.

How can I sell my products at the market? 

Complete the application form under the “Selling at the market” section or contact Ginette Goulet, Market Manager at (506) 382-5755 or email her at info@marchedieppemarket.com

What forms of payment are accepted at the market?

All vendors accept cash and a few accept credit cards. We have a banking machine available for cash withdrawls on the premises.

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