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Armadale Farm Dairy Products

We are a family oriented business making artisanal cheeses. We offer cheese and dairy products made from our own milk, right on the farm. The milk is 100% natural, with no growth hormones or antibiotics


Hetty and Ian Smyth


Old-fashioned farmstead cheese including:
Gouda (Mild, Medium, Old, Herb, Cumin, Caraway, Onion Garlic Paprika, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Acadian Cajun, Peppercorn Joop, Smoked)
Cheddar (Mild, Medium, Old)
Feta (Plain and Garlic Tomato)
Havarti (Plain and Onion Basil)
Fresh Cheddar Curds each week
Yogurt (plain and balkan)
Quark (a type of soft white cheese)


Tim Cochran visits Armadale Farm and gets a tour with Ian & Hetty Smyth.
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Armadale Farm Dairy Products
393 Roachville Rd,
Roachville, NB
(506) 433-6031

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